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How much does a website cost in South Africa ?

Have you been looking to design a website for yourself or your business but not so sure how much can it cost to create a website in south Africa?

Professional Web Design can cost between R1000 & R500 000. This is depended on number of website pages, complexity & special features. Here is a breakdown of what different websites can cost you,  for a single page website you can pay about R1,000 or more,  for personal blog & Online Shop(eCommerce) with 1-30 pages, you can pay R2,000 – R5000 for website with more than 30 pages you can pay R15 000+ this are usually complex web apps and online solutions such as payroll software and many more. To make Web Designs affordable most companies have introduced monthly website plans, those can cost between R99 & R600 per month. The cost can go even higher depending on what type of a website you are looking to design. This is an average cost of website design for businesses south Africa.

In addition to Web Design cost there is also a website maintainance or care that you need to keep in mind. Maintaining your website is very important and the pricing for this in South Africa, depends on the type of website from as low as R99 for small website to R10 000 per month. Keeping a website up-to-date is important to ensuring your Website is working at full capacity.

To look at how much a website will cost you with Innovative Designs Hub check out the following links. For once off web design cost click here , for monthly Web Design Costs Click here and lastly for web maintainace click here.

If you have any question regarding website design you can get in touch with us here we will be more than happy to hear from you.

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